Why go through a professional photographer?

You can go through your school, but you're going to get the same cookie cutter photos all of your friends have.  And you're going to be rushed in the process... because they have to get pictures done for you and the rest of your graduating class. With a professional photographer, you get a personalized experience that can more accurately reflect you as an individual.


So what makes us different?

We don't play games. You want to change clothes? Fine by us. You want to change hair styles? Cool! We want to say something about you and your interests. We will do whatever it takes to get you pictures that make you happy and that reflect who you are as a person.


Any special hobbies or interests?

We've driven to Monroe to photograph a girl who volunteered with alpacas. We have been to the top of Crowder's Mountain with rock climbers. We have been to high school football games and we have been to fashion shows. We've even been wake-boarding with students. We want to say something about you!